Stealth startups and proxy curl

The word "startup" doesn't strike as something new in the 21st century. People are coming up with ideas that have led to several growing businesses, some of which have succeeded.

When stealth is added to these words it seems a bit more complex than any other normal startup you might find.

Stealth startups are like normal startups but they keep most of their goals and business is hidden from the public, they stay low for a while until their businesses come with a huge promise or so they can start huge.

There are pros and cons of a tech startup which are listed here in this article : Stealth Startups - The Good, The Bad & Where To Find Them

What proxycurl offers

Proxycurl offers opportunities for both founders of startups and investors searching for startups to invest in.

In Proxycurl there is a lot of data that can allow you to discover and connect with a stealth startup. You would be able to track the movements of the entrepreneurial talents and if they're setting up a company.

You can learn more about proxycurls investment signals